how to get your ex girlfriend back when she has a boyfriend

how to get your ex girlfriend back when she has a boyfriend


Ex Girlfriend Has A New Boyfriend – Getting Her Back

Ex Girlfriend Has A New Boyfriend – Getting Her BackMany guys who get dumped work toward winning back the love of an
ex girlfriend.  But what if your ex starts dating again?  Is the
situation hopeless now that your exgirlfriend is dating another
guy, or are there things you can do to get back together again?
Find out the best ways to steal your ex girlfriend back from
another man.

Nothing’s more demoralizing than finding out your ex girlfriend
started dating again – especially if you were still hoping the
two of you could get back together.  So what happens now?
Should you move on?  While most guys completely give up at this
point, there are actually some pretty simple ways of winning
back your exgirlfriend from another guy.  They require some
patience and effort, but if you still believe the relationship
is worth saving?  The following step by step guide will help you

Step 1 – Let Go of Your Past Relationship

It’s the hardest thing to do, but it’s also the most important:
letting go of your ex girlfriend.  Especially if you were trying
to get her back, it’s a difficult thing to admit that your
relationship is finally over.  The fact that your ex girlfriend
is now dating again has nothing to do with it – you simply can’t
move forward with plans to win her heart back until you’ve fully
accepted the break up.  The sooner you can do this, the faster
you can get started on the path to reconciliation.
how to get your ex girlfriend back when she has a boyfriend
Fighting her on it, trying to get her to change her mind…
these things are counterproductive and will always hurt your
chances.  Ditto for showing up at her doorstep and trying to
convince her not to date this new guy.  Anything and everything
you do to stop or challenge your ex at this point will be taken
as desperate and needy.  Don’t show those colors – stand strong
and keep your cool.  Getting back your ex girlfriend requires
you to show very opposite traits: strength and confidence.

Step 2 – Remove Yourself From The Equation

It’s actually the second most difficult thing for men to do: not
contact your ex girlfriend.  Dropping out of your ex’s sight for
a while is the best possible course of action right now, and
this includes all forms of communication.  Aside from
eliminating ex girlfriend phone calls, you can’t email your ex,
text-message her, write on her Facebook wall… none of those
things.  If it’s easier for you, turn your phone and computer
off for a while.  Detaching yourself from the current situation
will keep you from having to watch your exgirlfriend date this
new guy, and it will dull the pain of separation.  By not
talking to her at all you’re also putting yourself back in your
ex’s head by giving her the chance to miss you.

Ex Girlfriend Has A New Boyfriend – Getting Her Back

Step 3 – You, You, and More You

During the honeymoon stages of your exgirlfriend’s new romance,
there’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop it.  So while
you’re NOT doing anything, it’s time to start doing something:
focus entirely on yourself.  This means improving your physical
appearance, but it also means sharpening yourself mentally too.
Start by going to the gym, hitting the treadmill, and sweating
off any extra pounds while allowing the despair and hopelessness
of the situation to drain from your mind.  Exercise is some of
the best medicine on the planet, and is good for your mind and
body.  As you begin to forget about your ex, replace those
thoughts with positive energy.

And when you feel slim, fit, tan, and all those other good
things?  Hit the mall and pick up some new clothing.  Dressing
well will make you feel even better, which will boost your
confidence and self-esteem.  The positive changes you’re making
in yourself will create an instant attraction the next time your
ex girlfriend sees you, and you should keep your eye on that
ultimate goal.  On top of that, becoming a more positive person
will attract others to you… you’ll meet new people, do new
things, and enjoy a much happier life if you can let go of the
anger, resentment, bitterness, and any other negative emotions
you may still have toward the fact that your ex has apparently
moved on.

Step 4 – Wait Out The Beginning Of Her Rebound Relationship

Like any romance, the beginning of your ex’s new relationship
will be fun and happy.  She’ll be excited about her new man, and
forget all about you – temporarily, of course.  During this time
there’s nothing you can do to change things, so don’t even try.
This is when you’ll be concentrating on yourself, and trying not
to notice what’s going on with your ex.

The good news however, is that most rebound relationship fail
within the first two months.  As your ex’s new relationship
begins to unravel, she’s on the downward swing of things.  And
you?  You’re on the upward swing… and in perfect position to
catch her as she’s falling.

And just as the odds say that her rebound relationship will end
soon, they also dictate that she’ll probably be on the receiving
end of the break up.  When her new fling dumps her, that’s when
your ex girlfriend will be most vulnerable.  She’ll be looking
for comfort, companionship, and someone familiar to help her
through it.  As her loving exboyfriend, you can provide all
three of those things.  Once she’s back in her arms, your ex
will feel incredibly lucky that you’re still around…
especially after she sees the new you.  All of the feelings she
tried to bury when she first began dating her new boyfriend will
come right back to the surface.  Time it right, and you’ll look
like a superhero.  You’ll pick her up and help her through this
difficult time, all the while reminding her of the awesome
memories the two of you used to share.

Ex Girlfriend Has A New Boyfriend – Getting Her Back

Step 5 – What To Do If Your Ex’s Relationship Continues On

It’s rare, but every once in a while a rebound relationship will
stick.  If this happens, you’ll need to employ alternative
tactics to win back your ex girlfriend.  The fact that your ex
has a new boyfriend changes a few of the more common methods and
techniques used to win back her heart, and you may need to learn
some unorthodox moves.  Some of these include subtly inserting
yourself into a position between your ex and her new boyfriend,
reestablishing a neutral trust, and using the past as a tool to
pry your way back into her thoughts.  Making that initial
connection is tricky, so learn the right (and wrong) ways to do
it.  You need to accomplish a lot of things in a short period of
time, so the sooner you get started the better.


how to get your ex girlfriend back after a break up

how to get your ex girlfriend back after a break up

Want to know how you can easily make ex girlfriend want you back? This really can be simple when you know exactly what a woman wants from a man. Although, this often varies on the type of woman she is and a few other factors such as, how she had been treated in past relationships, or her overall personality in general. To easily make ex girlfriend want you back you do need to know a bit about her personality and some of her normal preferences.

A woman can be quite picky when choosing her ideal man. She can, in fact, have a whole list of requirements she goes by before even giving a man a chance with her. However, she will most likely give on some of the requirements if she believes those things can be improved or changed all together in said man.

So what is it that a woman wants from a man? This may sound so simple it is hard to believe, but a woman just wants to be happy. You can easily make ex girlfriend want you back if you know how to really and truly make her happy.You need to think about how sensitive a woman is compared to a man. Doing a few small things can give you a great start, such as, listening attentively when you had rather speak, giving her a hug just because she looks like she could use it instead of ignoring her moodiness, or coming home and preparing a nice meal for her rather than asking “what’s for dinner” the moment you step foot through the door.

A woman ultimately wants a man she knows she can trust and depend on. Show her you love her as much as you love yourself, for instance. If you can be considerate and show her that she can absolutely count on you and you will not let her down. Have a look below for more examples of what a woman wants from a man.
how to get your ex girlfriend back after a break up
Self Worth

When a man takes care of himself, loves himself (to a point), and has a confidence in himself it glows like a neon light. All, and I mean all, women are attracted to this type man. A man, with such qualities, can attract a woman like a moth to a flame. To easily make ex girlfriend want you back, you need this particular “X” factor that all women look for.


A woman wants a man to make her feel safe and that everything will work out just fine. She wants the assurance that if she needs you, you will be right there. This does not mean that you have to be a billionaire or a muscle man. This type of assurance doesn’t have anything to do with things like that. It just simply means that, while you are around, she is taken care of and does not have to stress over every little thing in life.


A woman tends to prefer a certain amount of order and balance in her life. To a woman, stability simply means somewhat of a routine is in place. I do not mean as fanatic as a certain time for every action took in a day, or having the highest paid job in town, but having a good idea of what is to come gives her more feelings of balance and stability, rather than uncertainty and dread. Making a woman feel balanced well certainly help easily make ex girlfriend want you back.


A woman is a caretaker at heart and when she cares for someone she will often do a lot to show it. A woman who feels that she is appreciated by a man will be more than glad to continue to do things for him. However, if the appreciation fades, then she starts feeling as if she has been taken for granted and her efforts will cease sooner or later.


Obviously love is is a biggie. I am not at all saying to become a doormat and let her run all over you, but to easily make ex girlfriend want you back, you need to express truly how much you love her and how much she means to you. Tell her everyday or even more than once a day. A man is often hard to read, so you should never just assume she knows how you feel or what you think. A woman likes to hear she is loved and see the love through a man’s actions, rather than guessing how he feels.

This is definitely a great start in how to easily make ex girlfriend want you back. The key is knowing exactly what a woman wants from a man. Once you know that, it will be like stealing candy from a baby. Taking the time to understand her, and the qualities she requires, this will ensure your success in the happy, healthy, and equal relationship you both desire.

While trying to Easily Make Ex Girlfriend Want You Back can be a difficult task depending on the situation, it is absolutely possible with the proper knowledge and implementation.

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back | 5 secret tips that get your ex girlfriend back in your life

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

girlfriend Are you still in love with your ex girlfriend? But your girlfriend does not responding to your messages Or you are start feeling jealous from your girlfriend when you see her hand in the back of other person? Or are you frustrated because whatever you do your heart start missing her? You are not alone in this situation. There are many people that still want to get their ex girlfriend back in their life. You are totally confuse about how to win her back again but don’t worry it does not matter how worst your situation is, you can get her back in your life if you follow some correct ways. The only thing you need to do is to push few right button with proper timing and I am sure your girlfriend crawl back to you.

Below in this post you will find 5 tips about getting ex girlfriend back no matter how worst your situation is:
How to Get your Ex Girlfriend Back Tips

Show your confidence:

Now you need to understand that your ex girlfriend left you and dating with someone else and she is move on in her life. Now you need to get your confident back with you. Build confident you once have when you meet with your girlfriend first time. We all know girls wants confident guy and if you want to again win your ex girlfriend back you need to asking a question from yourself “how much confident you are?” Are you having enough confident level that attract your girlfriend once again or are you lacking in confident? If you don’t show your confident level then you ex will never come back in your life again.

Listen! You have all the qualities that attract her first time you meet with her and now time come again when you need to regenerate attractive qualities inside you and let your ex girlfriend crawl back to you.  Your confident level plays very important role in bringing your ex girlfriend in your life again. That is why you need to have your top confident level before approaching your ex girlfriend again. Always keep one thing in your mind, your girlfriend still loves you because it is not easy to forget someone whom you spend most of your time. Surely, your girlfriend still likes you but she is dating with someone else just want to make you jealous. That is why instead of getting jealous you need to show her that you don’t care her anymore.

Get back in your life:

Getting breakup from the one your love most is very painful. Whatever you like to do you can’t do, whatever you likes to do you leave it for tomorrow, every time you keep on searching tips and tricks about how to get your ex girlfriend back. Remember, after getting breakup from your girlfriend you need to get active in your life. Do all this you like to do before meeting your ex girlfriend. Don’t keep you mind empty, keep on doing different activities and keep yourself busy. Participate in your local sports event, involve yourself in some kind of activity but always remember don’t make yourself lazy. Best way to keep your mind away from thinking about your ex is involve yourself in some kind of light jogging. Go for jogging in morning and if you get some friends with you that will be great. Join Gym and start working on machine to keep yourself fit and active. It is good to do activities where group of people involve. Don’t sit in front of TV and keep on thinking about your ex. It is good to make a list of plan in the starting of week and try to complete them at least one daily. Doing this way will keep your mind and heart away from thinking about your ex.

Understand the mistakes you make in your relationship:

They are numerous reasons for breakup and now these days when girlfriend breakup with someone that mean her boyfriend don’t understand her. It is true that it is difficult to understand a woman. But you need to know what your girl require from you. The most important thing a girlfriend need from her boyfriend is love, romance, encouragement and some time.  If you fail to deliver these things to your girlfriend your relation will not last longer. It is very important for you to know what your ex girlfriend wants from you and where you are failing to deliver her. Once you come to know about this it becomes very easy for you to get her back in your life.Watch this video to understand it more clearly

Make your ex girlfriend realize your importance:

girlfriend giftThis is very important tip about how to get your ex girlfriend back and read it very carefully. If necessary read this tip multiple times because this tip is very important in getting your ex back. Listen!! If you want your ex back in your life then you need to make her realize your importance. When your girlfriend start realizing your importance in her life she start finding ways to contact you and this is what you want. But you may be wondering how to make her realize about your importance? And the simple answer of this is you need to totally eliminate all the contact ways with your ex. Make strong decision and stop talking with her or even passing near from her house. You have breakup from your girlfriend and it is possible that your ex girlfriend have negative thinking about you that is why it is necessary to stay away from your ex girlfriend and let the negative feeling start getting disappear from her mind. Once negative feeling start disappearing from your ex mind’s automatically romantic feeling start taking place in your ex mind and within few days you will surely get call or text message from her.

Stop doing mistakes to get her back:

Many people after getting breakup from their girlfriend start doing deadly mistakes that take their ex more far from them. These mistakes are drunk driving, bulk text messages, bombarding bulk messages and start showing desperate and needy feelings. If you want to get your ex girlfriend back in your life then you need to start yourself from doing these stupid mistakes.

These are 5 super super tips if you follow them you surely get your ex girlfriend back in your life. Your girlfriend will be back in your life if she sees something special that attracts her first time she meet with you. Instead of showing you are dying for her it is good to show her that you are totally normal with or without her.

win your ex backYou are reading this post because you are emotionally hurt from the lost of your dream girl. It is very important to get back in your life. Look! You girlfriend leaves you alone and now it is up to you either you want her back in your life or you keep on thinking about her. If you want to get her back in your life then you need to get active and start working on getting your ex girlfriend back. It maybe possible you did some mistake and it is also possible that your ex girlfriend did some mistake. In any case your relationship is not end and if you want to renew your relationship then you need to show your attractiveness skills to your ex girlfriend.

Some people think once relationship breaks you never get your ex back but it is not correct. Getting your ex girlfriend back is not difficult as many people think and once you know perfect steps about how to get your ex girlfriend back then you will get your ex back easily. But the problem is that you need effective tips to get your ex girlfriend back. If you do any mistake in getting your ex girlfriend back then you lost her forever. Below you will find some psychological tips that will be effective if you follow them honestly.

Tips about getting your ex back:

End all ways to contact your ex girlfriend back:

It is very important to minimize your contact with your ex girlfriend as much as possible. If it is OK for you then do your best to completely cut all ways to contact your girlfriend. It sounds to be easy but it is not because you will going to miss her especially if she is your first love. The only way that bring your ex girlfriend in your life is your relation romantic feeling. But it is necessary to make your ex girlfriend realize about your importance.

Stop getting needy:


Do you like needy person? Of course not and I am sure you never like needy person as does your girlfriend. Always remember that stop getting needy. If you show your needy feeling to your ex it is possible your ex start making fun of you. Instead it is good to show your ex girlfriend that you are totally ok with the breakup and enjoying your life. Doing this will make your ex girlfriend thinks about her decision of leaving you. Once your ex girlfriend start thinking about you she start getting position feeling about you.

Stop sending your negative feeling to your ex girlfriend:

If you are sending bulk text messages, blank calls and “hi, hello” messages to your ex girlfriend it is possible that your girlfriend never respond to them. These messages basically sending your negative feeling to your ex girlfriend and it will not work for you.

These are three important step you need to follow it to get your ex girlfriend back. The first and most important thing you need to do is to accept your breakup then stop contacting your ex girlfriend.