how to get your ex girlfriend back after a break up

how to get your ex girlfriend back after a break up

Want to know how you can easily make ex girlfriend want you back? This really can be simple when you know exactly what a woman wants from a man. Although, this often varies on the type of woman she is and a few other factors such as, how she had been treated in past relationships, or her overall personality in general. To easily make ex girlfriend want you back you do need to know a bit about her personality and some of her normal preferences.

A woman can be quite picky when choosing her ideal man. She can, in fact, have a whole list of requirements she goes by before even giving a man a chance with her. However, she will most likely give on some of the requirements if she believes those things can be improved or changed all together in said man.

So what is it that a woman wants from a man? This may sound so simple it is hard to believe, but a woman just wants to be happy. You can easily make ex girlfriend want you back if you know how to really and truly make her happy.You need to think about how sensitive a woman is compared to a man. Doing a few small things can give you a great start, such as, listening attentively when you had rather speak, giving her a hug just because she looks like she could use it instead of ignoring her moodiness, or coming home and preparing a nice meal for her rather than asking “what’s for dinner” the moment you step foot through the door.

A woman ultimately wants a man she knows she can trust and depend on. Show her you love her as much as you love yourself, for instance. If you can be considerate and show her that she can absolutely count on you and you will not let her down. Have a look below for more examples of what a woman wants from a man.
how to get your ex girlfriend back after a break up
Self Worth

When a man takes care of himself, loves himself (to a point), and has a confidence in himself it glows like a neon light. All, and I mean all, women are attracted to this type man. A man, with such qualities, can attract a woman like a moth to a flame. To easily make ex girlfriend want you back, you need this particular “X” factor that all women look for.


A woman wants a man to make her feel safe and that everything will work out just fine. She wants the assurance that if she needs you, you will be right there. This does not mean that you have to be a billionaire or a muscle man. This type of assurance doesn’t have anything to do with things like that. It just simply means that, while you are around, she is taken care of and does not have to stress over every little thing in life.


A woman tends to prefer a certain amount of order and balance in her life. To a woman, stability simply means somewhat of a routine is in place. I do not mean as fanatic as a certain time for every action took in a day, or having the highest paid job in town, but having a good idea of what is to come gives her more feelings of balance and stability, rather than uncertainty and dread. Making a woman feel balanced well certainly help easily make ex girlfriend want you back.


A woman is a caretaker at heart and when she cares for someone she will often do a lot to show it. A woman who feels that she is appreciated by a man will be more than glad to continue to do things for him. However, if the appreciation fades, then she starts feeling as if she has been taken for granted and her efforts will cease sooner or later.


Obviously love is is a biggie. I am not at all saying to become a doormat and let her run all over you, but to easily make ex girlfriend want you back, you need to express truly how much you love her and how much she means to you. Tell her everyday or even more than once a day. A man is often hard to read, so you should never just assume she knows how you feel or what you think. A woman likes to hear she is loved and see the love through a man’s actions, rather than guessing how he feels.

This is definitely a great start in how to easily make ex girlfriend want you back. The key is knowing exactly what a woman wants from a man. Once you know that, it will be like stealing candy from a baby. Taking the time to understand her, and the qualities she requires, this will ensure your success in the happy, healthy, and equal relationship you both desire.

While trying to Easily Make Ex Girlfriend Want You Back can be a difficult task depending on the situation, it is absolutely possible with the proper knowledge and implementation.


how to get your ex girlfriend back after a break up

how to get your ex girlfriend back after a break up

If you want to get your girlfriend back you have to do the things contrary to what she might thing you will still do or the opposite you have been thought to do.making your girlfriend to come back by promising her you will change,showering her with flowers, gift and love letters or even trying persuasion tricks,sneaky tactics or manipulative mind games do not work.Only counter intuitive strategies things that you have never considered doing before will rap your girlfriends attention and course her to run back in to your arms.Here are some shocking truths you should know.

Shocking Truth about how to get your ex girlfriend back after a break up number 1

Do not believe those so called experts who claim that you can get back with your girlfriend with in a specific period of time like 30 days,7days, or even 2 days.

There is no magic way that will bring your girlfriend back within a given number of days because every relationship is unique.Not one specific time line or strategy is true for every situation.Although it is possible to get your ex-girlfriend back in seven days or less.The majority of guys who succeed in getting their girl back do so in the second month,some take two weeks or less and some take three months or more depending on how faithfully they implement their counter intuitive strategies.

Shocking truth about how to get your ex girlfriend back after a break up number 2

If you are feeling pain over your breakup,you may be killing your chances of getting her back.

You see when you suffer over the break up of your relationship with your ex-girlfriend it causes you to idealize the relationship you had with her.That is you turn to glorify her by focusing only on the positive aspects of the relationship.This then causes you to react out of need and desperation rather than true desire and this only pushes your ex-girlfriend further away from you.Nothing turns a woman “OFF” more than a man who is needy and desperate.The sooner you get rid of those feeling of dis-pare the sooner your ex girlfriend will instantly realize that you do not just NEED HER you simply WANT HER.There is a huge difference between the two and it is a difference that shows sense and respond to immediately.You will not understand the power of this strategy until you try it.

Shocking Truth about how to get your ex girlfriend back after a break up number three

A slight change in your approach will cause her to practically beg to be with you.
how to get your ex girlfriend back after a break up
All the relationship books,courses and so called experts give the following advice;
-Act like you are OK with her decision to leave.The problem is they left some thing out that is very important.The key is act like you are OK but you are not OK with her decision to break up with you.That will seems like a slide change but one that will make a tremendous difference from the respond you will get from her.If you act or pretend that every thing is OK she will see right through it and you will not trigger the psychological reaction you want which is to make her want to come back to you.
you also need to make your ex-girlfriend know you are OK with her decision to break up with you but yo can not plainly tell her this.If you use the wrong approach to let her you are doing just fine with out her, you may course her to want to forget about you all together.If you take the right approach it will be long before she is back in your arms.

Shocking truth about how to get your ex girlfriend back after a break up number four

The one thing you must never tell a girl after a break up.

Most guys make this mistake after their girl friend breaks up with them.They tell her “I Love you and I will always be there for you.You may thing saying this ten words may course her to come back but it actually creates the opposite of that.It gives her the permission to go out and do what ever she pleases,even date other guys with the assurance that she can always come back to you when ever she wants.And if she is already dating some one else,telling her this ten words is even worst.She will then take the time to get to know the other guy fully compare him to you and then decide who she wants to be with.That is like letting her have her cake and eat it too.

Shocking truth about how to get your ex girlfriend back after a break up number five

Do not remain friends with your ex-girlfriend!

Most relationship books,curses and so called relationship experts tell you that remaining fiends with your ex girlfriend is a good strategy for getting her back.This is misleading advice based on the wrong assumption that if you remain friends with your ex you will keep other guys away and you will eventually get back together.Actually in 95% of cases,remaining friends with a girl after she breaks up with you increases the likely hood that she will move on to another guy.There are only two circumstances that is OK to remain friends with your ex,you will learn them when you study the counter intuitive strategies.

Shocking truth about how to get your ex girlfriend back after a break up number six

The “2-tricks”you must never try with your ex (these will push her away to the point of no return)

What is worst than not getting your ex girlfriend back is getting her back only to lose her again soon after some times only a few days or a few weeks.She can also end up hating you on top of it all.This is exactly what happens when you pull tricks,tactics and manipulative mind games that the so call relationship experts teach you.The two most common of these tricks that back fire big time are;
-Deliberately ignoring your ex-girlfriend and

This is reverse psychology at its worst.were reverse psychology does play an important role of getting your girlfriend back,the way of using it may destroy your chances of ever reuniting with your girlfriend and even you do succeed  in getting her back with tricks,you will most likely lose her again before it is too long.Why ,because the problems that coursed the first break up will still be there.Tricks would not get in to the roots of these problems.

Remember in other to get your ex girlfriend back you most do the opposite of what you should do.